Learn from  everyone  follow no one

-Damandeep singh

  -Have you ever heard the saying “ learn from everyone  but follow  no one?”
I’m sure you understand the idea of using situations either  good or bad, as learning experiences, but that’s easier said than done, right?

It’s easy to talk about learning in every situation, but when you’re upset, angry or disappointed, it doesn’t seem so easy.

It starts with your perspective.  Here’s how to learn from everyone…

How to Learn From Success

Success if such a powerful teacher.  It teaches us what we did right, and what we should replicate.  Success makes us feel great – it’s motivation make us to keep going, to strive for more, and to have more success in the future, but success can also be a curse.

I’ve noticed that when people use the phrase “you’ve got to forget the past”, they’re always talking about the negative stuff.  People like to forget losses and remember wins, but there are reasons for doing the opposite, at least sometimes.

How many people have you known who achieved a certain level of success? 

Sometimes, we need to forget our successes.  It’s also called swallowing our pride.

Take all of the lessons from your success, but remember them as lessons, don’t hold them with hard-headed pride.

How to Learn From Failure

This is the big one.  How many books are written about learning from failure?  This is also the hard one.

So what’s the trick?  It’s not as much of a trick as it is a perspective.  Learning from failure starts before the failure happens.  You have to position your mind to think right so that when failure arises, you’re prepared for it, and ready to learn.

I have made a habit of using a motivation paper in the mornings.  This paper has a few quotes, some Scripture references, but predominantly, it has reminders on it.  Here’s the most powerful reminder on my paper:

“Learn from every situation today, good or bad.  No matter how I feel about it, take a lesson from it”

Too easy.  It’s so simple, and we all know that this is the best mindset, but it’s the fact that I remind myself of this everyday that is so important.

You must remind yourself to learn from failure.  Before it happens.  Everyday.

If you do, I know it sounds cliché, but you never really fail.  It either works out, or you learn a valuable lesson.  Looking back in my life, there are plenty of times that I failed and I am better off because of it.  If I would have succeeded at what I was trying to do, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

How to Learn From Everyone 

Yes, you really can learn from everyone.  Simply put, you either learn what to do or what not to do.  What works, and what doesn’t.

Become a people watcher – not in a creepy way.

Watch people.  Analyze what they do and why.  Find people who are where you want to be in life, and get on their schedule.  I’m a huge fan of mentorship lunches, dinners and coffee appointments

Follow no one – when we start following  someone we  lost our identity ……ie we have to learn  from everyone  but not to follow  anyone… 


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