Humanity V/s Religion


-Damandeep Singh

What is religion? First thing that would come to your mind is “GOD”. GOD is a creature, a belief, a human or a superman from the other parallel world, we don’t actually know. But we follow him. If you ask any single person as to why they believe god exist, you’ll get different answers. “IT GIVES US CALMNESS” some say while the others say “WE HAVE FAITH IN HIM BECAUSE WE CAN FEEL HIM”. Most of them say “We don’t know”. I’ll tell you the reason. If you teach a kid from the time he starts grabbing things in is mind, that GOD is the reason he exists, GOD saves us from all the EVIL, and GOD is the reason why you came to the earth (he believes it till he reaches secondary school, believe me!) then its quite obvious that this mindfeeding will find its place in the heart and soul of an individual. It’s like if you thought a child that “GREEN” is actually “BLUE” since childhood, it may happen that he sees green as blue.

WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL THIS? I’ll come to it. VEDAS are believed to be the most prominent and trustworthy book for the Hindus. Obviously we have lots of manuscript, but when it comes to contradiction of beliefs, the VEDAS wins! This Vedas explains about the origin of 4 prominent “castes” or “varna” from the GOD. The “brahmins” from his mouth,”kshatriya” from the arms, “vaishtyas” from the some where in between, and the “SHUDRAS” from the feet. It is this theory which led to evolution of the “untouchables”. Yes, untouchability prevails in our country since VEDIC times. WHY? Because they evolved from the feet. Whenever you have to pay respect to your elders, you touch their feet, I wonder why.ANYWAYS.

There are myriad, and i mean MYRIAD number of videos on YouTube where you will learn that how this “untouchability” still prevails in our society. Not only this, the small children are infact galvanized to learn that the “dalits” or rather the “harijans” as people say, shouldn’t be touched. Now do you understand the green and blue concept?

Islamic religion is said to have evolved form 7th century AD. But the QURAN says that ISLAMIC RELIGION emerged since the earth came into existence. So according to the QURAN, first RELIGION evolved and then we started talking of humans isn’t it? Or is it simultaneous theory. Even if it is,why would a person not be treated as a “human” first instead of being a person from a particular religion. Also, if Allah created humans, and it was the only religion at that time, why was there any reason to give it a name?

Lets take another example. According to QURAN, Jesus was a messenger who came to spread peace. Then why was their any reason to bring out another religion? Also if JESUS was himself a messenger, and since Islam was the first religion then why this all fuss about a christian can eat pork and a person who is a Muslim cannot? Why does each and every GOD have his/her own set of rules? Can’t he have a common set of guidelines? We are already messed up reading and learning big syllabus and cosmic phenomenons and neutrinos and supernova and black holes and what not! Why is there even a set of rules to decide what I eat, what I wear, OR even whom I love and wish to marry?

People will say that if I don’t wish to believe I shouldn’t, its up to me. Okay fine I won’t, BUT does me not believing eliminate all the fuss, all the violence, all the “gou hatya” and “beef kand” incidences? Will it bring an end to all the people who loose their love just because he/she is from another religion? Does it put to an end to the “dharmik bhavanao ko thess pahunchai isliye hum maarenge” thing? NO! I mean how can it if we keep on believing that “HINDUISM” or “ISLAM” or “Christianity” EVOLVED FIRST? Why can’t people understand that ADAM and EVE were humans first and “Hindu” or “Muslim” later. When will people start believing that an end to all this can only be brought if WE ACT AS PEOPLE, PERSONS or rather HUMANS first? Can you see yourself in a position where you are treated as a “harijan” and not touched because according to some theory you originated from the feet of god, the same feet which helps us to walk, jump, pedal a cycle and WIN RACES of life.

Different religion in INDIA have their own set of personal laws. For example , The HINDU MARRIAGE ACT says polygamy cannot exist in HINDUISM, but it can in ISLAMISM.
Why can’t we not have a uniform civil code for all the religions? Infact this is what our forefathers ensured in the constitution under the DPSP, a uniform civil code.

I am not saying to give up religion, but all I want is to you all people accept the fact that GOD , if it exists, must have thought us to believe in equality, believe in love and compassion, and most of all, believe in HUMANITY.


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