Childhood: An era of being real

Happy little girl painting with hands in kindergarten

-Damandeep Singh

We often say college days are golden days and school days are heavenly days but what I feel is childhood days are above all. If you have seen any child around, you must have notice that kids find happiness in very small things. They don’t need iPad or iPhone, they don’t need branded clothes or shoes . As whatever they see, they start playing with it. They don’t see front person status, they will give smile to everyone without knowing their intention. That’s the beauty of childhood. They don’t have memories of past nor do they have worries of future what they know is enjoying the present.  We all are simply lucky to witness such era once in our life. A era when mother use to hold us whole day, a era when she use to feed us after every hour and two, a era when father after returning from office would first use to play with us leaving every stress aside. A era when we never pretended to be someone else. A era when we use to do what we feel. A era when we use to cry aloud. A era when we use to laugh aloud. A era of being real.

We started growing up. And we started chasing some or the other thing. And we started losing something called “Real Me”. People often say I am real but then it’s not at all true because everyone’s behaviour changes person to person. Moreover, when we grow up we restrict ourself from showcasing our emotions to others. Well, that’s why I think we were real only during our childhood as we grown up we lose our reality.

No, not blaming anyone but its just an experience noticed during confronting with ownself.


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