Value of songs

BY-Shivam Sharma
A song becomes a person’s friend when he or she is feeling bored or broken up.

these are the only two possible conditions when a person listen’s music. it can be a heart break or a time when a person just wants to sit alone and concentrate or just to have some rest by enjoying music of one’s choice.

To get rid of bordem –

a person who gets bored up from a free and a workless life he/she likes to hear music.

most of the boys love to listen music all the time when sitting alone anywhere or feeling alone anywhere. music is a very good medicine to get rid of bordem.

to use music like drug –

music lovers are the people who listen music alot but 80% of them are singers which means they listen music to revise and feed their hunger of music. on the one hand they do their practice and on the other hand they expose their love with music.

to relate it to someone –

music is a best friend of the one’s who are suffering from acute decency of love or suffering from a heartbeat or are facing difficultis in handling their relationships. the one’s who are in relationship usually relate the songs which they listen to their lovers…


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