law of Attraction Vs Law of Love… 

​-Damandeep Singh 

The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.

  1. but its not true in all the situation, i am not saying  that law of attraction  not works but it has certain  limits  as it helps person  to think positive……. research  has proved  that positivity  in human being  brings awareness  in human being and a single positive  thought has double  power than a negative  thought….. so for positivity  you must attract towards  more and more  good things…… which  gives you positivity 

law of love-:Here law of love is not that love which is between  boyz and girlz this love is related  to the work to whom you are attracted . As in todays busy life a single  person  will  attract  towards many things  but he can’t love even a single  thing….. as person sees a good  film , he will say i want to be an actor…. and when he saw good cricketer,  at same day he says i want to be a cricketer….. so in this way aur youth is attracting  towards many things but he is not loving it…. 


I just want to say that love the things to whom  you are attracted and this will possible  through  one way only,  by doing  that work……. so perform  your duty love your work to whom u are attracted….the only attraction  is wastage of time…. for success  u have to work on your attraction…..


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